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Mid Session Commentary
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Date Headline
20-Apr-18 (17:15) Spot Market Update: Wheat Eases On Fresh Supplies
20-Apr-18 (17:10) Spot Market Update: Turmeric Recovers From Previous Losses
20-Apr-18 (17:05) Spot Market Update: Refined Soyaoil Plummets On Weak Crushing Demand
20-Apr-18 (17:0) Spot Market Update: Mustard seed Trades In Red
20-Apr-18 (16:55) Spot Market Update: Chana Gains, Quotes Above Rs 3700 In Delhi
20-Apr-18 (16:22) Commodities Buzz: Global Copper Market Records Marginal Deficit In First Two Months Of 201...
20-Apr-18 (14:56) Gold Slips, Bitcoin In Demand
20-Apr-18 (14:22) Hot Commodities: Strong Spurt In Chana Futures On Expiry Day
20-Apr-18 (14:15) Agri Buzz: Water Storage In Major Reservoirs At 24% Of Total Capacity
20-Apr-18 (13:05) MCX Aluminium Holds Onto Gains Amid Favorable Global Cues
20-Apr-18 (12:49) Markets Speak: US Coal Exports Jump 61% Last Year, Shipments To India Spike Three Times
20-Apr-18 (12:34) Commodities Buzz: Malaysia Palm Oil Exports Jump 2% This Month
20-Apr-18 (12:16) LME Inventories Data
20-Apr-18 (11:37) Economic Buzz: Japan Tertiary Activity Index Remains Flat In February
20-Apr-18 (11:34) Economic Buzz: Japan Overall Consumer Prices Up 1.1% On Year In March
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