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Mid Session Commentary
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Date Headline
22-Jun-18 (15:52) Economic Buzz: Eurozone Private Sector Expands In June
22-Jun-18 (15:12) Economic Buzz: German Private Sector Growth Picks Up Pace In June
22-Jun-18 (14:36) Agri Buzz: Water Storage In Major Reservoirs At 18% Of Total Capacity
22-Jun-18 (13:22) Choppy Moves In Gold Ahead Of Weekend
22-Jun-18 (13:06) Commodities Buzz: MCX Starts Trading In Zinc Options
22-Jun-18 (12:34) Chana Slips Half A Percent On NCDEX, Fails To Hold Above Rs 3500 Mark
22-Jun-18 (12:30) Economic Buzz: Japan All Industry Activity Increases 1% On Month In April
22-Jun-18 (12:27) LME Inventories Data
22-Jun-18 (11:35) Economic Buzz: Japan Manufacturing PMI Accelerates In June
22-Jun-18 (10:55) Indian Rupee: Firms Up In Early Trades
21-Jun-18 (15:21) Commodities Buzz: Global Copper Consumption Rises 4.58% This Year
21-Jun-18 (15:00) Economic Buzz: UK Budget Deficit Tapers In May
21-Jun-18 (14:34) Gold Under Trouble, Dollar Index At 11 Month High
21-Jun-18 (13:37) Market Speaks: Global Oil Companies Increasing Their E&D Budgets, Reserves Additions Set T...
21-Jun-18 (13:18) Commodities Buzz: ZincX Resources Announces Robust Results From Assessment Of Zinc-Silver ...
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