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Pre Session Commentary
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Date Headline
24-Nov-17 (10:16) Energy Preview: Buying Support Stays In Place For Oil
24-Nov-17 (10:11) Precious Metals Preview: Gold Sees Lax Moves In Thin Trading
24-Nov-17 (09:24) Economic Buzz: Japan Nikkei Manufacturing Activity Grows Strongest Since March 2014
24-Nov-17 (08:05) Commodities Buzz: Chinese yuan strengthens to 6.581 against USD Friday
24-Nov-17 (07:53) Base Metals Preview: Southern Copper Workers Strike, Will Assist Prices
23-Nov-17 (10:16) Base Metals Preview: COMEX Copper Soars To Three Week High
23-Nov-17 (10:05) Energy Preview: Crude Stays Elevated, Overall Mood Positive
23-Nov-17 (09:57) Precious Metals Preview: Gold Spikes, Dollar Index Tumbles
23-Nov-17 (09:37) Commodities Buzz: Dry Weather Raises Concerns Over Argentina's Corn and Soyabean Crop
23-Nov-17 (09:34) Economic Buzz: Federal Reserve Hints At A''Likely'' Rate Hike
23-Nov-17 (09:33) Commodities Buzz: Philippines Rice Production To Increase By 11 percent In MY 2017/18
23-Nov-17 (09:24) Economic Buzz: US Durable Goods Orders Pull Back 1.2% In October
23-Nov-17 (09:14) Economic Buzz: US November Consumer Sentiment Index Revised Upward
22-Nov-17 (09:23) Energy Preview: Smart Gains In Oil, Bulls Back In Driver's Seat
22-Nov-17 (10:00) Agri Commodities Preview: Coriander Rebounds From Three Month Low
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