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Bonus Issues

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Company Name Ratio Record Date Ex Date
Foods & Inns 2:1 02-May-2019 30-Apr-2019
Nandani Creation 3:2 02-May-2019 30-Apr-2019
Indo US Bio-Tech 1:4 24-Apr-2019 23-Apr-2019
Airan 1:1 23-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019
Bajaj Healthcare 1:1 10-Apr-2019 09-Apr-2019
Inflame Applian. 1:2 30-Mar-2019 28-Mar-2019
Sukhjit Starch 1:1 28-Mar-2019 27-Mar-2019
NTPC 1:5 20-Mar-2019 19-Mar-2019
Akash InfraProj. 1:1 08-Mar-2019 07-Mar-2019
Wipro 1:3 07-Mar-2019 06-Mar-2019

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